Hostel Kejsaren

The hostel ”Kejsaren” is situated in Bollstabruk, Ångermanland – a region rich in history and beautiful scenery. The building dates from the 19th century and was constructed by the company Graningeverken to house families working at the saw. It was renovated in the 1980′ s and turned into a small hostel in 2013. This is a basic and functional hostel where you can be independent and feel relaxed.

Bollstabruk is 10 kilometers north of Kramfors where you find the nearest railway station, and 13 kilometers from The High Coast airport where you have direct flights to Stockholm. The surroundings are great for open air activities: jogging, cycling, hiking, fishing, kayaking and nordic skiing. The High Coast world heritage is only 40 min away and has a famous trail that stretches 127 kilometers from Hornöberget to Örnsköldsvik, passing by Skuleberget with Northern Europe’s largest Via Ferrata Center.

A couple of kilometers from Bollsta is Häxberget where the largest witchtrial in Swedish history took place in 1675. 71 people were beheaded and burned in one single day.The old church of Ytterlännäs is at a walking distance and dates from the 13th century.

Nice cruising from the High Coast bridge, along the river Ångermanälven passing the memorial of Ådalen 31.

Pets are allowed.